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In What I Know, Dahlia Seroussi pulls back the curtain on the commonplace to reveal a realm where the marvelous masquerades as the banal, and ordinary existence is exposed as an astonishing, miraculous adventure. Seroussi details a world in which Jesus lives just over the mountain, “from where we buy cardamom,” and a boy wonders at a “bedroom floor, covered in shards of glass and diagrams of genitals.” Seroussi’s engaging lyric fables interrogate the world: “Where have my teeth gone?” “Why do you measure everything in babies?” Clear-eyed and calm, Seroussi has divined the answers, and she offers them to us in these seductive, mesmerizing poems.

—Gary Young, Poet

Dahlia Seroussi goes beyond the surface of daily lives in her powerful and beautifully written collection WHAT I KNOW. Seroussi skillfully entwines narrative and imagination into a stunning poetic tapestry.

Leah Maines, Publisher, Finishing Line Press

Dahlia Seroussi’s What I Know is a vibrant collection that unites the prose poem’s narrative impulses with lyric’s poignant instances. The result is a series of moments meaningfully captured and then some. For in these poems—poems that spark with finely written insights about heritage, fortitude and finding one’s way—stories precede and exceed and sidle next to the recorded event, expanding the poem’s temporal and spatial resonance.

—Andrea Quaide, Poet